Question   What about mold – will it grow or remain behind the acrylic?

Answer:       Our procedure includes removing any signs of mold, and covering the underlying surfaces with an anti microbial solution to eliminate any mold that could have been missed. Mold only grows where there is moisture, which our systems eliminate by making the area waterproof. So between our cleaning and disinfecting and then sealing – any mold will be gone.

Question   How long does it take to install an acrylic bath?

Answer:      1 Day. The typical average size bath can be converted within 1 day.

Question     How much can I save by using an acrylic overlay?

Answer:      By NOT tearing out existing structure you save labor & material costs. This usually can be estimated at about 40% of the cost of a complete bathroom rebuild.

Question   I don’t have a lot of money, is financing available?

Answer:       Yes.  RE•BATH Philadelphia accepts most major credit cards and has other financing available.  Ask your sales manager for more details or call anytime. (Contact card issuer for prevailing credit card interest rates.)

Question     What colors are available?

Answer:       The color list is almost unlimited for your painted surfaces. The color choices for the acrylics is also very high - there is plain smooth, tile (multiple dimensions), granite, marble, etc.

Question     What materials are available?

Answer:      The type of material is also almost limitless – wood, acrylic, tile, granite, marble, porcelain, metals, and the list goes on. Naturally these are determined by the customer and choice is typically dictated by budget.

Question     What type of schedule do you maintain – will there be breaks?

Answer:       RE•BATH Philadelphia does not bounce from job to job. A team is assigned to your project and they will stay with that project until completed. The only exception would be if there were an unexpected delay in material delivery, or something else beyond our control.