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Choose REBATH for your next Philadelphia bath remodeling project!

REBATH uses a proprietary acrylic product, developed in conjunction with the largest polymer manufacturer in the world. This is an acrylic like polymer called Durabath SSP ™ – the SSP stands for Solid Surface Polymer. The Spartech Company makes this product for REBATH. Spartech is the world’s largest manufacturer of acrylic and solid surface polymers and has been for many years. Spartech, in a joint effort with REBATH developed Durabath SSP ™. It’s this product that is now an industry standard when it comes to acrylic like products that people want installed in their Acrylic wall bathroom. It’s superior to the old type of acrylic products.

Durabath SSP ™ is the next generational product for bathrooms and is replacing acrylic – as we know it. It’s much stronger, much more durable and easier to clean.

Durabath SSP ™ is UL (Underwriters Laboratories) tested and approved. The UL has developed more than 800 public standards for safety. It’s important to have independent safety and confidence in our products. All of REBATH’s products are UL tested and approved and we are the only company in our field to do so. That’s why REBATH can give you a lifetime warranty on the product. All Durabath SSP ™ products used in our Bathtub and Shower Systems. This warranty is backed by REBATH LLC, and is also transferable within 12 months after the initial installation. REBATH’s bathroom remodeling systems give you the “designer look” without the high price. REBATH designer walls come numerous colors, numerous patterns and numerous finishes.

Wall Surrounds                          

  • All REBATH wall surrounds are custom manufactured for your individual bathroom remodeling project.
  • Constructed from our state-of-the-art Durabath SSP ™ material, Durabath SSP ™ is a solid, non-porous polymer surface, which never molds and mildews. Your new bathroom wall surrounds are also grout free, which means no more scrubbing moldy grout lines.
  • Durabath SSP ™ which is exclusively manufactured by REBATH, is simply the best material for bathroom remodeling and far out-performs acrylic materials used by other bathroom remodeling companies..

Wainscoting                                  acrylic wall shower philadelphia

Bathroom wainscoting is both beautiful and functional. From a design perspective, wainscoting can “open up” an otherwise small area and give the appearance of a larger space. It also helps add color, style, texture or pattern to your bathroom walls. From a practical standpoint, wainscoting is an ideal way to protect the walls outside your tub and shower from the normal wear and tear that is common in the bathroom area.

REBATH offers hundreds of combinations of stylish, designer wall colors, patterns and borders for your new wainscoting look. In Philadelphia – RE•BATH is an award winning acrylic shower and bathroom installer who can offer over 150 different combinations of color and pattern. RE•BATH is your Acrylic Wall Surround Company in Philadelphia.